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When observing mass phenomena like in statistical surveys always a large number of data incur, which have to be aggregated in order to make their presentation and analysis easier or even to allow for it. A precondition is the existence of binding divisions of the economic, social or other phenomena which have to be observed. Such binding divisions are called classifications or nomenclatures.

For different questions different classifications were developed. In some cases different classifications are available (designed according to the particular purpose of the survey) to classify the same kind of phenomenon, for example goods. Both the Combined Nomenclature and the Product Classification for Production Statistics classify in particular physical products (goods), but according to their different usage and analysis purpose in a different breakdown. In order to provide internationally comparable statistical data in the meantime national surveys often use classifications which are bindingly based on international or European standards or the surveys even use international classifications directly. For a consistent usage of a classification in collecting, processing and analysing statistical data corresponding classification rules have to be considered in addition to the classification structure. They can be found for each classification version under the menu item “Introduction”.

International classifications are available in a data base operated by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) in the internet under http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/ramon.

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