Product Classification for Production Statistics, issue 2002 (GP 2002)

The Product Classification for Production Statistics, issue 2002 (GP 2002), provides a basis for the publication of data concerning produced goods and services in the area of mining and quarrying, manufacturing and energy and water supply. Such information is (among other things) needed by enterprises in order to analyse and assess labour markets and market opportunities. Furthermore its linkage with the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade Statistics (WA) gives the opportunity to compare data of production statistics and foreign trade statistics, for example in order to determine the domestic availability of goods or to analyse the dependence on imports of certain merchandise markets. Moreover in its scope GP 2002 can generally help for the demarcation of the content of activities of the Classification of Economic Activities, issue 2003 (WZ 2003).

The products covered by GP 2002 include (in addition to (transportable) goods) so called industrial services (installation, repair, maintenance and finishing). The structure of GP 2002 was developed on the basis of the list of Products of the European Community (PRODCOM list, issue 2002). In this process the eight-digit PRODCOM items were further split (into nine-digit coded items) as far as necessary for national purpose. Several professional associations, the responsible public authorities and other institutions were significantly involved in the development process. The outcome was a hierarchically structured GP 2002 with 30 product divisions (two-digit items), 116 product groups (three-digit items), 206 product classes (four-digit items), 564 product categories (five-digit items), 1204 product subcategories (six-digit items) and 6147 types of products (nine-digit items), which allow for a statistical classification of the produced goods and industrial services. The actual classification codes which are used by enterprises and local units when reporting to production surveys are assigned to the types of products.

GP 2002 is used since January 2002 und replaces the issue of 1995 (GP 95).
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